Day 1 – List 5 Things You Are Grateful For!

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I am grateful for
1) Being able to wake up today
2) Being blessed with a family who have finally chosen to stick together come what may.
3) Being blessed with a love so dear and one that has broken many barriers till date and is now up for a challenge for a solid 5 months. So to keep us engaged we have come up with an activity.
4) Having food on my table and a roof over my head with electricity all day long.
5) Having this present moment where friends come and talk to me and care for me. Long lost friendships coming up
6) My dear Canine Joy with whom I get to spend a lot of time nowadays! 🙂
7) Being at home this summer
8) Being able to read books again
9) Being able to slowly forget the past and look forward to the present and future
10) Being able to forgive myself and everyone else for everything that has happened till now.
11) Being part of a daily challenge and sharing wonderful energy with my friends! 🙂
12) Being able to take up this challenge today!
13) Being blessed with a phone that definitely does wonders.

#GratitudeNow with Kevin Buchanan

Yay! This feels amazing for sure! 🙂


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