How SAFE is our vehicle??

It requires more than just cleaning the Logo #JustSaying
The road ahead was completely dark. The sudden free flow of air made me realize that the bus was on Chennai bypass. The routine 1.3 hour travel was unusually comfortable. This was just coz the bus was not much crowded today. Maybe people had better reasons to stay at office than the ones in the bus. But this definitely made us the “few” people who saw the blazing incident that made the Chennai bypass unusually bright. Our bus never halted once in the bypass except for the following reasons: Accident being the major reason and fights between owners/drivers of two vehicles, thereby causing unnecessary traffic in the usual travel route. These things gave us a better idea of grasping what exactly happened in a very short time. So this really helps in many scenarios, people can call the ambulance if there is not one in their vicinity to help emergencies. But what I had seen was very unusual (at-least to me till then). The burning of garbage in huge amounts was pretty usual in that region. But a car on fire, well that was the first time I saw it LIVE! It shook me to a great extent. But I wanted to know some details about the incident before we crossed that place. I saw a police man accompanied by another local guy (maybe the driver) trying to evacuate the spectator vehicles from that place to prevent any further trauma. I couldn’t find anybody inside the car, for that instance anything in the car! No seats, not even the steering wheel! The only concern though was to know if there were any serious injuries to anybody travelling in it. By looking at the on-going activities, I was able to make a wild guess there wasn’t coz the doors of the car were not open. And the car was not even in the middle of the road. Once the bus crossed that section there was all talks and quick messaging to all we know. There were a few people who had placed a bet by then considering it to be a NANO but it happened to be INDICA. So bets forgotten and they now concluded that this was from the same Bye-Bye Company anyway! That was when a friend of mine told me about many other CAR BURNING incidents across Chennai. This has become such a common thing here. In a couple of days he also showed a photo from a newspaper of a car in flames near Guindy! On searching about this, I found enough number of videos telling reasons being AC Failure. Who knows with the high voltage petrol price there must be some annoying things happening in the petrol bunks! Maybe another list of petrol bunk scams might be out in few months.

Aren’t the cars made according to the weather conditions also apart from road conditions? #JustAsking.

By any chance the automobile industries have changed their car standards as SAFETY OFF PEOPLE to match the ruling government. But it’s high time people start looking for their safety than their status. Probably a reason to go back to much more convenient and fit and safe transport means.

It would be great to know the true reasons before somebody takes a movie on this!

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