I’m dreaming!
I’m dreaming big!
People often say one should work hard to get what they want
I’m here
Physically present – staring at the monitor
Mentally present – in my world, planning to get what I want in a way I want.
Does this at all indicate something! That I don’t know.
When I think i’m working hard on getting things right,
I only know I’m draining myself for what I wouldn’t want otherwise.
I want to explore.
I want to photograph even the smallest of joy and beauty of my world.
Well, I almost explore the joy and beauty in the 55 seater bus everyday.
I love(d) travelling. But never once did I think I will be sitting with other hens in a cage!
Day dreaming!!!!!!! :S
Okay I am just damn tired! I dont want to fall asleep in the next few mins. Hence a post!

I know i am supposed to finish my set of checklists by the end of this week,
I am already feeling sleepy the moment I see them!
To complete the whole list within tis week’s time, I’m going to forgo so many good things that life has to offer!

1. My mom’s nicest preparations!! Should distribute it tomo and friday! Just a tupperware of well made lunch is making me dose like anything!
2. 3Psychs.com’s wordzapp – Well, I wanted to be a part of the daily score list! That’s not gonna happen for the rest of this week! I know people will touch new horizons by the time I’m back to the app. Tat’s ok!
3. Long lunches – when not the same amount of lunch why the same time for it!
4. Messages – My phone met with an accident last week and went into a coma. So I am currently in the process of bearing with borrowed mobiles(though i am fortunate to get a good touch phone as borrowed! :O but still I am not very interested) and not so patient to copy all nos to sim. Anybody who msgs me, don’t worry if u dont get a reply. I just dont possess a phone which i am comfortable enough to use. Anything I try to do with it, it calls my parents. 😐 Its worse than my sister!
5. Never drink coffee, it doesn’t work for you!

Good things that I have to include to make my weekend pleasant

I had to think for quite sometime to write this down.
1.But the very first thing that has come to my mind and the one thing I should not give much thought about for the next 2 working days..
Long leave for my sis from tomo. And she called up before a few mins just to highlight it more than required!
2. Work and write down notes that would help me to finish my work rather than gazing at the Windows or outside the window.
3. In order to deal with the talking part, I have to start listening to music. Set a reminder to charge the mp3.
4. No cosy conversations or simply no conversations over the phone for the two days. Don’t think you can tempt me, I’m not falling for it! Not this time, definitely!
5. Drink water, it works better! 🙂

5 is enough!

Coz I never miss on my sleep! So fine time to stop the post!
And this is random rambling to stay awake!
Sorry reader, if you happen to read this as my first post!
I am crazy! But this is the craziest post!
Well atleast I am awake now!
Got to finish!

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