Kalyaana Maalai… Part 1

Back to the routine weekend, time to sit down and check out the list of “Interested” alliances after my mom has been telling me to check this for the whole week. Sometimes it gives me a slight comfort to think that my parents don’t know to check emails. It doesn’t last long anyway. I climbed out of my bed and walked to the kitchen to check my mom’s mood to proceed with things for the day. When i told her a Good Morning, the first thing she told me was,

Amme: “Mol, check the email and tell me da, I need to talk with achan and inform your maama about it..” 
OOOOh! Working 5 days in office doesn’t really tense me this much. But checking the list of alliances really does!! 😐
Me: “Seri amme, will do it in sometime.”
On saying this, I walked out of the kitchen.
Amme:(warning tone) “If achan comes he’ll ask me, get this done quick da”
Me: “OOOOK!!”

I turn on the system and switch on the Broadband modem,this will take sometime, will get a pen and a paper.. I go into my room to take these and my phone is ringing, my sister is sleeping, she’ll curse me for this, I need to attend it asap. I take the phone, silence the ringing, walk out taking a book in hand and answer it.
Caller: Good morning!!
Me: Hey good morning di! 🙂 How surprising you’ve awake so early?
Caller: Told you na, going out today di. Can you do a help di?
Me: Tell Jay.
Caller: Can you check whether IRCTC is opening di
Me: Will check and call you di. Turned on the system just now, it’ll take sometime.
Caller: Ok di. You inform it to laks di. I am starting now. I’ll send your number to her, she’ll call you. Don’t mind di.
Me: No probs di. She’ll call na
Caller: Yes di. Ok Bye! Take care!!
Me: C ya di..

Back to the system in the corner of the hall. I keep the mobile on the table next to the monitor and open Mozilla Firefox to check my yahoo mail and in another tab i open the IRCTC site.

Msg from Jay, Laks number, irctc login,password. Gave ur no to her, she’ll cal in 10 mins! TC!

Alright!! First, I type the username and password and click on the login button, then i’ll move to my work. Opened my yahoomail to check the list, here it goes, I have to check 15 profiles today. Nice start,this is going to pull lots of time with achan and amme taking down every possible detail so that they can call and talk. I glance at the first person’s profile, my phone is ringing, some unknown number, must be laks, i move to irctc and check it, before attending the call, it was throwing some error. I attend the call,
Caller: Hi, laks pa
Me: Hi! It is throwing error for me pa.
Caller: No probs. I have asked two other friends of mine to check.
Me: Ok, If at all it opens, i will msg you.
Caller: Ok di. Thanks. I will call later di.
Me: Ok di. Bye

Alright, I just glance the mails to find the current location of each and every alliance before calling my mother. She will definitely accept any place if the horoscopes match(No chennai at all). But it is difficult for me. Amme come here. She sits in a chair next to me and we check all the profiles, she notes all and asks for horoscopes. I download all the attachments and give her the print outs of it. She immediately calls our family Josiyar and fixes an appointment in the evening. I am free to go now, I finally go and check the irctc site and its still the same. I close it and msg laks about it. Before shutting it down, i just ask my half-sleepy sister, if she wants to use the system. She comes to life immediately and responds YES. I have never got a quicker answer from her for anything else. FB, Orkut, what else is needed to wake her at ten!

Its almost 7 in the evening and achan and amme came into the hall talking something. So, like a kid waiting for the exams to be postponed(never have i prayed this extensively for any of my exams also) I was just sitting on the sofa but dint want to ask anything to them. Couldn’t remain silent as well.. Amme came and told that there was one alliance that matched and that we are going to call them and ask other details. I couldn’t bite my teeth much harder, I dint know what to say for a moment, I just told, call them and ask ma, we’ll talk about this later! Amme was like, mol, we’ll call and talk da. Achan called them and spoke with them, they spoke really well, looked like good rapport was built. I was a bit nervous. Amme spoke and she was very happy. I was totally out of control now, coz i was sure this is going to end well. Achan and amme came and asked,
“mol, when can we ask them to come home”
Me: “You decide that, what do you want me to tell amme”
Amme: “What da, you are not interested in this is it?”
Me: “Nothing like that! It is all happening quick ma”
Amme: “Mol, nothing is wrong da. Achan spoke with maama, he said he’ll enquire about him and tell us all details”
Me: “Can’t I stay here after marriage? Wont we be here in Chennai after marriage?”
Amme: “Mol, we’ll see da. We’ll see how this is going da”
Me: “Ok ma”

Thousand thoughts rushing my mind about this person, so new and i am not sure what I am going to tell. I am trying to ease myself. Never expected this weekend to be a beginning of a different phase in my life. Phew, my palm is wet. Krishna….

(To be continued….)

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