Much Love Monday: My Grandma’s Monday

What is it like to start every Monday as a Housewife? This is an effort to recreate moments with my grandma. I asked her about my grandma’s Monday for the Much Love Monday series.

Activities my grandmother is fond of as a Octagenarian

When I decided to ask this question to some of the women I know, I started with my grandma’s Monday, Their answers brought in so many stories. Stories I did not hear before. Stories that made me laugh and a couple did bring tears too. I never expected Mondays to bring out so many stories. Mondays across generations weren’t unusual, but the stories were. Hence, I decided to share some stories with all here.

My grandmother and I talk on a daily basis. We spend a few minutes everyday sharing about our day with each other for two years now. Yes, after my wedding we miss each other and also fight with each other more. She is my best friend , offers me sane advice, and puts it in a funny way too. She married at 25, great standards for the yester generation. When I asked her about this she laughed and finished her story like a rollercoaster ride.

Grandma’s Monday, In Her Own Words

Right now, my Mondays are determined by my son leaving to his office. I spend more time reading books and singing bhajans. Once in a while I help my daughter (my mother) and my daughter in-law. Otherwise, I have enough daily activities (washing her own clothes, drying and folding it, cooks her own pot of rice) to keep me busy. I prefer to do my work and not be dependent. I know people will work for me, but I prefer it this way. When Lakki comes over, all my day is spent with her. That’s how I love it now.

My earlier days were not as relaxed as now. We were in a joint-family as you know it. The women of the family used to cook together. We assigned tasks and did it consistently irrespective of our mood. Monday never really made the difference. I always put the food on the table on time and that is all that mattered.

I always ensured we don’t spend too much time in the kitchen. At those times, we mostly made one-pot food. Just like sewing, cooking is also a skill, I acquired it and found it best to finish things early. An hour is the time I could spend in the kitchen. I also learned best never to talk too much.

I loved the laid back weekends, I think even your mother would have said that. We spend time with family, but more than that we get to start the day late and relaxed. Though there wasn’t much of a change until we moved to a new place. We had arguments as a family, but that never affected the work we did.

We took our home jobs like women these days take their work. I appreciate how efficient women have become. Cooking wasn’t really my feat, but I took it up because I was the eldest daughter-in-law in their family and they all needed someone to help them with that, to bring a routine and responsibility. More than a mother, I was like a chef who had to plan and prepare food for almost 10 members and then the little ones.

The one good thing about Monday was that we get the house to ourselves even after all that morning rush. I have a routine until now. So nothing much has changed. However, I always enjoyed watching movies, visiting the Bazaar and playing cards with family (all the sisters(4), her nieces with mom and my uncle),that would look like a Mini-IPL.

I always had guests at home and I wasn’t disappointed at the fun time we had together. Life was happier and is still happier. Even today when I sit alone at home, I am at peace. I have enough hobbies to keep me going and my love for K.Balachandar movies has grown more now. I watch when there is one on TV, otherwise my TV time is limited to morning news and evening news and Vinayaka (Lord Ganesh Serial).

My grandmother is 83. She is one of the most organized person and the best planner I know. She has her days and the month planned, all set with lists to remember her tasks. Though arthritis has affected both her knee joints she does her best to take care and walk minimally. She is an ardent fan of K.B and she used to watch some immediately after release. While adores her great granddaughter, I must admit she is a sweet great-grandmother to her. She loves traveling and has travelled places from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. She is a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba and actively volunteers till date.

Much Love Mondayis a series I am hosting in my blog about how each of us look at Mondays. This will be hosted on the 3rd and 4th Monday in this blog. You can share your experience about your Monday or an experience worth sharing on Monday in your blog. You can add this badge to your post and comment here so we can follow each other’s posts.

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