Much Love Monday: Starting Monday as a Mother

What is it like to Start Monday as a Mother?

I had a very interesting conversation with my Mom. It was our during one of our daily talks this topic came out of nowhere. We laughed and laughed at the conversation we had. I must say this is one of the most cherished conversation we had. I imagined my mother and how she spent her days when we were kids. To my surprise, I hardly noticed her then, it was very much about me. All I knew was Mom makes food and hears all I talk.

This conversation made me realize that Mom really listened to all my after-school talks and knew me much better than I thought. Anyway, coming back to the Monday Musings, I asked her just out of the blue, What was her Monday like when we were kids and what she honestly thought about it. She laughed and then she spoke to me with so much memories. She shared her experience happily with me.

All in her words:

“Most Mondays were scary. You know, at times I even used to get a head ache. I must pack you guys before 8AM and prepare breakfast for the family(joint- too big family) on time. Lunch followed immediately. I also had to take care of the household chores back to back.

Eating also became a chore most times. I used to like the laid back weekends better then. Though you guys were at home, you only troubled me being a slow-eater. Otherwise, there wasn’t much trouble. And yes, you used to blow my ears with your entire school story. Though I liked it, at times it used to be so long that it never ended.

Even though I listened to you all the time, you complained that I never listened to you. And your sister complained that I always listened to you. Hardly neither of you were interested in what I wanted to tell, but I never complained.

Mondays became a bit challenging once I started working. I wasn’t initially able to cope up with work and home. I concentrated more on home initially. I felt I wasn’t ready to go to work. It took me a lot of courage to finally decide to take work seriously. I assigned tasks to both of you who I considered my only support then.

However, you guys were not supportive for a while. You guys didn’t oblige immediately, but started helping until it became a routine for you. As grown ups you have understood me a lot better. Also, you obliged because I bought you tasty snacks in the evening.

Now, after almost 20 years of working, I feel Mondays are a great day to start the week fresh. I plan ahead and have learned to sort out work at home and not worry about it. Well, I also learned to let things be and gave the freedom of take it or leave it. I love Mondays because now I know I need that fresh air to start all over again without losing hope.”

My mother is an Insurance Consultant with LIC and Star Health. She is an amazing person who has helped many people get insured. Right from the aunty who sells flowers, to house maids to the person who sells bananas, tender coconuts she has helped them get insured and followed through till the amount matures. I never understood her job earlier. Today I am grateful for her job and how she considers this as her service to community.

Much Love Monday is a series I am hosting in my blog about how each of us look at Mondays. This will be hosted every Monday in this blog. You can share your experience about your Monday or an experience worth sharing on Monday in your blog. You can add this badge to your post and comment here so we can follow each other’s posts.

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8 Comments on “Much Love Monday: Starting Monday as a Mother”

  1. Beautiful post and I could co-relate with each and every emotion you had expressed. personally, I got monday blues so many times past few years ago. but now, after being a mom of 2 girls, I feel Monday is a best day to set your intention for whole week and now, I really enjoyed this day with good mood and positivity.

  2. It is amazing how talking to our mothers even at this age feels the same as our childhood when we tumbled out all the school stories to them. Revisiting old memories is akin to bliss.
    I love my Mondays when both husband and kid leave for office and school respectively and I have the quiet of the home after the tiring 2 days of weekends. I also love Monday because I take a dip into my mind to bring out some or the other story, primarily a funny one, to write for Monday Musings.

  3. The whole idea of Monday resonates with a calmer mind and home now right?? ? True that, I think the one soul who is still okay with us still tumbling out stories is our mom. ?

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