The Working Woman That I Am


  The mind of a working woman is determined by priority. This could be taken as a double sided sword statement. Being a working woman and a homemaker is possibly the toughest job available on this earth. I had many doubts on how a woman chooses her priorities for which I found my answer only today. The tough decision came when I had to take the day off from work especially with so much filled in my plate. The highest priority of all stood my sister’s sleeping pattern since she is unwell from the past week. It was such a pain to see her resting like a sleeping beauty waiting to be kissed to wake up! 😛 I was suffering from a never ending headache throughout the weekend due to stress at work which kept me from becoming the sane creature that I am. 

With parents out of town, sleeping sister and my pet waiting to be let out to enjoy his walk in the rain, I could do nothing but to sit and gobble as much food as I can to while away the stress on top of my head. Better than ever, there was nothing cold available other than the Dosa batter and a plate of Idlis at home. I preferred to have a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey before I slept on my cluttered bed as one among it without thinking about the day ahead of me.

As I write this article, I am still not set to start to work tomorrow, but left with no choice other than the hope that I have Dussera coming this week. Guess I quit the job at the right time, surely can’t afford to stay in an account that makes me feel lost!

Now I see my mother in a totally different perspective as to how she struggled her way with the work-life balance with two kids and a big household!#RESPECT! 

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3 Comments on “The Working Woman That I Am”

  1. Wow!!! I made you take a break 😛 I need Treat 😉
    That's so sweet you stayed for me that day, and yes This sleep pattern is making me sick though it was enjoyable at 1st! See even sunday morning 4.30 I'm awake!!!
    Mom is great handling that Big household and us 🙂

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