10 Titbits from my Side of the World – Lockdown Life!

It has been a while since I wrote something on the blog. I wanted to write at least one post here before the end of March. A lot has happened in the past three months, but life in the last three weeks is a lot to handle. I did not check blogs or Instagram for a while now, but glad to be back after so long.

I am not sure about the Corona stories or anything that is happening within our blog circle. Just hoping and praying all is well with all my girls, and I am sending prayers for everyone’s safety. I will visit your blogs soon to know about what’s happening on your side of the world.

For now, I am sharing updates on what’s happening from my side of the world. I thought I’ll share 10 titbits from the three months that went by in 2020 because I cannot type for a long time.

10. January went by making fun of what the Chinese ate (I honestly feel irresponsible for this). February brought in the fear after seeing the situation in Italy and the rise of the death toll in both countries. To be honest, I hardly focused on the news until the spread was taking a toll on the lives of 1000’s.

9. I had to undergo minor surgery for a lipoma lump in my right armpit that’s been around for a few years now. I’ve had the other one removed before a decade from my left armpit. I came to know it is hereditary. and was prescribed complete rest for a month. Medication and bed rest for most of February until the first week of March helped me heal better. I never thought I could recover in a month, though the healing is still happening, it feels so much better now than before a month.

8. I managed to finish 5 books in January, but I never anticipated my reading to halt there. Holding a book wasn’t happening in February. I decided to carry five books but ended up having space for just one. I’m going to keep that book a surprise. I did not carry my gadgets this time. So my Kindle, my Kindle Fire, and my laptop are duly charged and maintained by my sister now.

7. I couldn’t carry Ilakkiya for almost two weeks post-surgery. She understood my plight and was very supportive than I expected. She is in the questioning phase now, so she wanted to know what happened to me. I told her that I hurt my arm and it is painful. So, every time she came to me, she was cautious and asked me which arm I hurt, so I could hug her with the other.

6. March started with some good news for us. My sister is now officially engaged to another Kungfu Panda. So I gifted her my entire pen collection (since it was stuffed out of my luggage due to overweight, it was just around 1kg) and she enjoys it now. I guess you would have understood why she obliged to charge my gadgets. I left it back with a plan to grab it all when I head for the wedding in August, but now it’s all hers.

5. March came with an unexpected halt across the globe. I thought my travel plan would come to a halt and dump the rest of my plans. After numerous calls to the Chennai and Dubai airports, I was told to travel as early as possible. I spent a lovely evening with my best buddy in Dubai and reached Birmingham before a fortnight. We are staying inside since then. Finally, it took Corona and a travel ban scare to make this travel happen. I am not a covidiot, I’m just an idiot for not deciding this early. After all, it’s all about staying together.

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4. I am working on a small writing project for a month now and it is where I spend most of my time during the week. I take frequent breaks since I cannot type for long, but it helps me follow a routine.

3. Ilakkiya’s bonding with her father is much better this time than what we expected. We have missed each other madly and feeling blessed to be together as a family now (touchwood). I have blocked my ears to the mad arguments of some people forever.

2. We have stocked food for three weeks now because we read about how we could be a carrier and affect the immunodeficient. We have decided to stay inside for our good and the good of others. There are no strict lockdown rules at the moment (a rule that says you are allowed to do any form of exercise outside once every day is not the rule I expected), but it is a self-note for us to continue to quarantine ourselves for the next two weeks. Some news about 3 to 6 months of lockdown might be real, maybe we will get used to this life.

1. We have a lot of trees in our present community and it is beautiful to watch it spring to life. I enjoy watching the birds from the living room and kitchen window. I wish I could click photographs of them. With Ilakkiya around, my phone’s safety is my priority. In the process, I forget where I place it, and by the time I reach for it, the bird is already gone.

The three of us pray for the safety of the world and all of you. The Spring brought in much-awaited sunshine, but now they are anticipating snow here. We are expecting some sunshine and warmth now to help make things better.

Until then, Let’s all pray for each other and stay safe!

P.S: Many senior citizens (aka my parents, family members, relatives and their friends) have shared their thoughts about this lockdown life. They love the silence compared to the too much noise the city has adapted unnecessarily in the past 5 years. They would love to have such silent weekends post Corona season. Maybe it is the way of the Universe to tell us to stop and smell the flowers instead of honking and stressing ourselves and others.

Also, many employees feel this could be the new age to accomodate work from home on a regularity!

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12 Comments on “10 Titbits from my Side of the World – Lockdown Life!”

  1. Though you took a risk, I’m glad you are safe now 🙂

    Working From Home has not being easy as I’m a hyper active person who needs more to do, but with time it is becoming the new normal. India is in a lockdown and there is only so much one can do. I’ve been painting a lot, but reading and writing has hit a snag due to my anxiety. I’m scared of this, genuinely scared.

    I’m glad you guys are finally together! To hell with what others have to say.

    1. Thank you, Sou. My hubby is having the same issues working from home. He is into cleaning often now and I’m going bonkers really. I really hope painting helps you stay calm. I really hope you feel better soon and it all takes a good turn.

  2. Hey, Jaya!
    I was wondering what’s the matter, why you seem absent. But then I thought something must have come up. Life is such!
    I am glad your surgery went well and you are recovering well now. Your little one is so understanding and caring! God bless her. God bless you too.
    Take care and stay safe!

  3. What a wonderfully newsy piece. Glad you’re recovering. That writing project sounds interesting. Congratulations to your sister for her engagement. Meanwhile take care and stay safe.

  4. Lumps can be unnerving and am glad you are recovering now. Even my little grand daughter asks me when my arm is getting better ( I had a shoulder surgery October) and then gives me a hug on my good arm. The virus has changed all our lives for sure. Stay safe.

    1. Yes I remember your surgery. I really you are healing better now. Yes it has changed us so much. Stay safe. ♥️

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