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Kalyaana Maalai – Part 2

I had ample time to walk to the bus stop that day, i walked so slow that I admired everything that i usually glanced in urgency every other day.The chill morning comforted me, making me forget the tension that prevailed for quite sometime. I reached the bus stop. I remember wishing my bus friend Good morning and that ….

A tale of two buses

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” — Jawaharlal Nehru. Personal time is something i’ve longed for right from my school days. No family, no friends, ….

An enthusiastic blogger

Looks like this lady is happy and independent! She has a lot of things to share. Be it her family,her recipes or contests. So I give Just About Anything‘s owner this title an enthusiastic blogger! Keep continuing this good work pal! Your blog is elegant and lovely! This blog has ….

An architect in this blogosphere

A simple yet pleasing presence of this Indonesian blogger made me visit her site and read her posts! It has been quite sometime since she started blogging and I bet she has good friends in this blogosphere! Ivy soraya‘s blog has all details about fashion and trends and she is ….

What a start!

It was a crowded restaurant.. My friends and I were waiting for a table and there I saw a guy   Knock Knock! Knock Knock Damn it! I was  It was a dream! (P.S: But I remember the guy!”:P) Parents knocking!  Me: Will be there(Half dreaming)(What on earth was I dreaming about,let ….

Alma Mater!!

This gate should be very familiar to any Chennai-ite. A prime landmark to many was once my adobe!Yes, this is where I had spent most of my days for a whole of 14years. My school days were damn tooooooooo good.. It was such an awesome Xperience studying in tat school.. ….