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Monthly Challenge #1: MARCH

This post is part of my self-improvement monthly challenge routine. I practice one good habit and incorporate it. I eliminate one bad habit and leave it for sometime/forever – one step at a time towards mindful living. Good habit : Investing Everyday Bad habit: Addiction to browsing/gaming Investing Everyday: I ….

Wordless Wednesday

This is the new pet at home. It’s raining here in Chennai, India. My mom and I used this box as her home near our entrance. My mom guesses her age to be close to 5 months. We might send her to the Blue Cross soon. But till then we ….

Fallible Human Nature

India is one of the wealthiest nation, but not even one resource is managed efficiently here. We either misuse our resources or under-utilize them. Incorrect estimation has become the most efficient criteria of the higher management. The need to say NO has increased in our society which has increased negative ….

SundayStealing: That Alphabet Thing Meme

Sunday Stealing Meme: That Alphabet Thing A: Accent — Indian, Chennai TamilianB: Breakfast — Pongal and some white bread!C: Chore you hate — Cleaning! 😛D: Dad’s name — Go-win-the-Rajan (:P) E: Essential everyday item — At this moment Mobile phoneF: Flavor ice cream — BlackcurrantG: Gold or silver — Both!H: Hometown — ChennaiI: ….

Clueless Me to some mediocre clarity..

I have read a few beauty blogs but there was something very special about mabh blog. It was an interesting read that I almost spent the whole day reading different articles available on that blog. Indeed, I am very inspired by it and I am planning to make a hair ….

You are getting close

Share a feeling or two with me, It will make you feel free, Clouded it gets in there, Bottled emotions really scare! Do you wonder you have no one to share your feelings with?Do you wonder you will not be heard?Do you wonder you will be looked down at?Do you ….