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I want a stable Internet Connection! Is this possible?

Summer rains cooled Chennai’s heat waves. Even the homeless would have enjoyed that chill rains for sometime. Now Summer is gone and Monsoon is on!My Internet gets sick during the monsoon! It’s my Internet’s time to face connectivity issues every now and then!  Image Source: Google My Wi-Fi has been ….

The Working Woman That I Am

Stressed!   The mind of a working woman is determined by priority. This could be taken as a double sided sword statement. Being a working woman and a homemaker is possibly the toughest job available on this earth. I had many doubts on how a woman chooses her priorities for ….

SundayStealing: Swiped Meme

Swiped Meme1. Did someone die in that last movie you watched?A: Nope. I watched a Tamil movie released in the year 1986 yesterday. And it was comic-drama named Samsaram adhu minsaaram. No one died, but everyone’s ego dies in the movie! 😛2. Are the trees pretty colors outside for you ….

Fallible Human Nature

India is one of the wealthiest nation, but not even one resource is managed efficiently here. We either misuse our resources or under-utilize them. Incorrect estimation has become the most efficient criteria of the higher management. The need to say NO has increased in our society which has increased negative ….

SundayStealing: That Alphabet Thing Meme

Sunday Stealing Meme: That Alphabet Thing A: Accent — Indian, Chennai TamilianB: Breakfast — Pongal and some white bread!C: Chore you hate — Cleaning! 😛D: Dad’s name — Go-win-the-Rajan (:P) E: Essential everyday item — At this moment Mobile phoneF: Flavor ice cream — BlackcurrantG: Gold or silver — Both!H: Hometown — ChennaiI: ….

Dear Phone

Dear Phone,  Trust me, I really know what I’m writing! When I really need help I wait for you to show options! So now stop correcting me when I am writing in all joy and fun of writing! Also know that there are more languages than you think you know! ….