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Monthly Challenge #1: MARCH

This post is part of my self-improvement monthly challenge routine. I practice one good habit and incorporate it. I eliminate one bad habit and leave it for sometime/forever – one step at a time towards mindful living. Good habit : Investing Everyday Bad habit: Addiction to browsing/gaming Investing Everyday: I ….

Life Lessons – 1

Some incidents in life just make you forget that you really deserve to be happy.  Those just brought you to the edge of your life and changed your entire perspective of life from being happy to you don’t deserve any good in life at all kind. This kind of incidents ….

Favourite verse from Eat Pray Love

Reading books is a way to calm myself and dwell in a world of my own. A place where everything is possible and can be accomplished with ease. Its also a way of clearing one’s mind at times and focus on the necessary.Recently started with Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.I have this ….

A week gone by

Its already a week since the start of this new year!This is my 2nd new year celebration after shifting to this new place!Somehow I’m adapting to this place.But deep inside I’m missing my very own place!The place I lived for the last 23 years!The place I’ve known since day 1!Change ….

Warning – Long Post ahead!

The start of 2012 marks great events in the family. Well I’ve included this as an important thing for me! Till date I haven’t set resolutions because 1.      I do not want to torment myself for the whole year if I don’t follow it – precisely cant end up feeling like a loser. ….


I’m dreaming!I’m dreaming big!People often say one should work hard to get what they wantI’m herePhysically present – staring at the monitor Mentally present – in my world, planning to get what I want in a way I want.Does this at all indicate something! That I don’t know.When I think ….