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A to Z of Me!

I saw this in Darshana’s Blog! I was excited to read her list. From there, I visited Anamika’s, Geetika’s, Leo’s and Sanch’s blog. I wanted to be a part of this! So, here it is! Image Source:Google A- Age: 29 B- Biggest fear: I fear about over-thinking and feeding my fears. Accidents, ….

I want a stable Internet Connection! Is this possible?

Summer rains cooled Chennai’s heat waves. Even the homeless would have enjoyed that chill rains for sometime. Now Summer is gone and Monsoon is on!My Internet gets sick during the monsoon! It’s my Internet’s time to face connectivity issues every now and then!  Image Source: Google My Wi-Fi has been ….


Photo: Daniel Murtagh I don’t know what I should do, I don’t know what I want to do, My mind is lost in thought, I wonder if I have a heart, Everything that I love suddenly seems to have distanced itself from me. I forgot what I spoke last on ….

The Daily Prayer

Source:Google Bless the policemen and the ambulance drivers who are at service 24×7. The traumatic scenes at the accident spot can leave a scar for even a passer-by. The drivers, the policemen, doctors, nurses and every other person who helps clear the accident scene will remain blessed for a lifetime ….