Weekly Gratitude 5/52

Gratitude looks very pleasant on the outside, but requires a lot of work on the inside. When I thought I would do the weekly gratitude posts this year, I was excited. I really wanted to note down everything I am thankful for, anything that makes me happy. What I realized as I write this is that I under estimated the power of gratitude.

? Gratitude isn’t appreciating the fancy things, it is about feeling intrinsically thankful for the good and the bad in our lives. Sure it isn’t easy. To me, it was a tough choice many times. Today I feel different after realizing this.

? Most days I am thankful for being able to run the chores at home and taking care of things that is needed just then.

? This week, I am particularly interested in praying for all those moms and dads who single parent their children. I am currently in that situation since hubby is away at work, but to do that everyday for years, you are brave souls. I pray you find great partners(in case you are looking for one) or do what you do bravely that you look back at your life feeling accomplished.

? The last two weeks have been fun, tiring and fulfilling in ways I didn’t expect. I returned from my Ooty Trip this week and all I could think was about the night’s sleep on my bed. By morning I was fresh and we sat and talked about the lovely times. I was thrilled about the pictures and immediately went to print the pictures.

? Thanks to mobiles, we all have an alarming list that is difficult to fulfill in a day. I managed to sort 110 pictures and the tech guy at Konica labs managed to sort them, align them and print them for me in 3 hours. I felt that was great and thanked him for his efficient work.

? I am trying to incorporate the Power of 3 in my daily life. It is about accomplishing 3 tasks in a day. Though we have 100’s of other tasks to take care of, these 3 will make your day. I am glad to make it happen on some days and on others I am not loosing my cool and moving them to the next day without guilt. After all, when I wake up the next day I have something to look forward to right!

? I always focus on using less water, but this week’s a little tough. I am finding ways to use lesser water. I wish to find ways to use water efficiently.

? I was gifted a small diary by my mom since I am a valuable / repeat customer of hers. I decided to use it as my gratitude journal. It comes handy and I love writing in it. It is definitely not fancy, it is the normal yearly diary, but it has what I need!!

? Ilakkiya had an amazing time in Ooty aka Queen of Hill stations, I wish I can write a separate post about the trip.

? Finally made time to write this post!! It has been a week since I wrote something on the blog.

? To those of you who noticed, the blog is undergoing changes and finally moved to a new home. Thankful to wonderful friends who are taking this effort to help me.

? February is here and so is the planning on my bullet journal. I love it!!

That’s it folks!! How are you doing this week?

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