I read. I admire. I love. I write. I laugh. I live! I love to think loud and the reflections of my mind are in my blog!

Author: Jayanthy Govindarajan

Life’s Just That!

A fun filled ride, Sad at one, happy at another, Crazy at many, commanding at some, A mad rush overall. Life’s just that, Some understand, many misunderstand, Some guide us to betterment, whereas a few to bitter, Maddening moments are many. Right before us runs the show, We laugh a ….

Life is Certainly Beautiful

Did you read my post on Scared Dreams? That was pain in a few words. However, just like pain, there is a need to place a strong foot on hope too. This post is about dreaming a life of togetherness and finally making it. It is 8 weeks since I ….

The Time to Heal

On some days it is not easy to smile, With so many things clouding my mind, Infinite questions without any answers, Breaking the calm that I always wanted, DO I need to give me some more time to heal?   It breaks my being to have trusted some, Though I ….